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Call Barring on an iPhone

So here's a thing... that swizzy fantastic iPhone from Apple has no concept of call barring!

This is a facility that's been around for ever on much lesser phones than the iPhone!

So how do you stop unwanted calls or texts on the iPhone? Well, the simple answer is; that you can't!

However you can do a pseudo-call barring facility yourself, with no cost and a few minutes of your time.

1) If you're a Mac user create a silent "ringtone" in GarageBand. Quite easy to do, just go into the piano, and record a track lasting 8 seconds (default ringtone length for iPhone), insert a single note somewhere in the track, and then delete the note so the whole track is silent (you need to put the note in and delete it, or it won't work!). Save the track and call it something like "silence". Export the track as an iTunes Ringtone.

2) Plug your iPhone into the Mac and copy the "silence" Ringtone over to the iPhone.

3) On the iPhone create a contact called: Blacklisted Numbers (or something similar), and add the numbers to that contact that you want to blacklist.

4) Set the ringtone for that user to be the "silence" ringtone you copied over.

That's it - each time that blacklisted number calls you, your iPhone will not ring, and the "missed call" will show up as "Blacklisted Numbers"!

Windows users can use a similar method as above, using the Windows software of their choice to create a silent ringtone.

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